The 2022 Tesla Model Y With 4680 Cells Is Here!

Tesla Model Y

Elon Musk has promised an autonomous Tesla in 2022. Confirmed directly from Tesla that the initial run of the Model Y SUV from Giga Texas will be equipped with new cells and structural battery packs Alone confirmed that Tesla has been building several Model Y units at the Gigafactory Texas in recent days.

Factory production is nearing approval. Elon also confirmed that the 4680 battery cell and structural battery pack system will be used in vehicles manufactured at Giga Texas Tesla. Austin plans to introduce the model ywe to the customers in an interesting way.

Tesla also said in its q4 2021 shareholder deck that while the Model Intelligent manufactured at Gigafactory Berlin in Germany will not initially be equipped with 4680 cells, these vehicles will use the first 2170 battery cells, which have been used in the Model 3 and Model Y Because the senior vice president of powertrains for Tesla was attracted to Baglino during his early production days.

4680 cells are not an obstacle to our 2022 volume plans, he added that he expects the first vehicles to equip 4680 cells will be delivered by the end of the first quarter of 2022, we are only a month into 2022 And Elon Musk has already made his bold prediction.

On Tesla’s Q4 earnings call on Tesla’s full self-driving for the year, Jan. 26 Elon said he would be shocked if Tesla doesn’t achieve full self-driving that is safer than human drivers this year. The safety level of an average human driver is surprisingly low, so it really doesn’t exceed the high standard.

Thing number two of course Elon makes these predictions about getting the perfect self-dr every year and to date none of them have been accurate, so the real question is, is there anything different about this prediction that This may indicate that it is more reliable than previous attempts.

I would say yes there is more weight attached to this particular forecast than ever before I heard Elon specifically said that the goods would be delivered this year in the past We’ve always heard him say Tesla will get autonomy next year by accelerating the timetable Granted I am not saying it is better but it is different.

Also if we take for example Elon’s 2019 Autonomy Day presentation, he said Tesla will have Robo taxi on the road in 2020, but he also didn’t offer any evidence that might support his claim Because it didn’t exist.

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At the time the only real examples of Tesla’s full self-driving capabilities we had were smart summons that didn’t work then and still don’t really work and auto lane changes on that freeway that’s neat. , but far from anything we’d call impressive in 2019 unlike at the time.

Where we actually got to see the fsd beta program develop before our very own eyes Many of us now own about 60,000 Teslas have become part of the testing and development process for the fsd beta so we have a very different perspective, We can say that there has been a lot of improvement during the beta program that we have seen.

How fast can Tesla engineers get software down to something very messy and dangerous and borderline useless before it gets to the point where it can do the right thing most of the time and only occasionally endangers us? Extrapolating that amount to another says about progress.

10 months so yes, we can reach a point where the car is doing the right thing 99 times out of 100 which is probably a better average than most of the humans behind the wheel, now it’s clearly an accurate prediction Not so easy when we just have to move away from personal experience anecdotes and YouTube videos.

It would still be great if Tesla could release some data for us to look at even something as simple as average dissipation per mile so that we can see how they look on a graph, It would be very helpful if someone after listening is finally going to have a regulatory approval.

To overcome which I think it is possible for software to reach level 4 autonomy capabilities this year, This gives customers its best to roll out as a level 4 product, which will mean zero need for driver monitoring which will mean you can literally take a nap.

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The location was chosen for Giga Berlin. Many smart reasons one of which is the fact that a railway line runs directly through the factory site connecting the local industrial area to the rest of the tr. X Tesla has acquired a portion of the railway, which we are now learning will allow the company to do logistics in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner.

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