The Key To Elon Musk Master Plan Part 3!

Elon Musk Has A Secret Plan Well Maybe Not So Secret That It’s For Everyone To See We Shouldn’t Just Talk About That We Broke The First Rule Of The Master Plan Club But That’s OK Because the real secret has yet to be revealed, Elon Musk has already shown us Part 1 of his master plan in 2006.

Then they released Parader in 2016, but this is the second part where the real mystery lies. The world is now a very different place than 2016 and Elon Musk now has a very different role to play in that world. Elon Musk of 2016 knows That wasn’t what was ahead of him. Model 3 production hell was sleeping on the factory floor, losing massive amounts of money.

The constant threat of bankruptcy and his frequent relationship with the now infamous bed popper Amber is heard to come out the other end as the world’s richest man, a household name worldwide and soon It takes the owner and operator of some highly successful companies to be the owner of Twitter. Com the man has won five births in those six years.

So it’s no surprise that he’s already looking forward to a new chapter in his famous master plan, but what the future holds for Elon Musk and his empire of tech companies because one of the few things we know .

Sure Master Plan Part 2 will be more than just a Tesla blueprint, it’ll also reference SpaceX and the boring company, we can’t claim to know what’s going on in this dude’s head, but where can we find some pretty cool stuff? Can make a strong impression that things are going on so let’s talk about the future of Kasturi Kavita.

We can start with Tesla because this is probably going to be the densest and least speculative segment, The main goal for Tesla will be scaling to the extreme size needed to move humanity away from fossil fuels and toward artificial intelligence scaling T, Elon said in a tweet.

The extreme size was one of the key notes of Elon’s Cyber ​​Rodeo presentation at GigaTexas, which he referred to as the most advanced car factory Earth has ever seen The Gigafactory will be the backbone of this scaling effort Austin Berlin Shanghai and even That the old Fremont California plant, which was recently reported to run 20 percent more than its previous capacity in an effort to make up for lost productivity in Shanghai.

And this is just the beginning, Giga Shanghai will be connected to a second factory. Same location that will bring additional half a million vehicle production capacity and before the end of this year we should find out about at least one more gigafactory location maybe Indonesia maybe India we can talk about that in a separate video.

Giga Texas Elon said Tesla is growing faster than any major manufacturing company in the history of the world, but they still account for only one percent of all cars sold worldwide, Elon says. The goal will be to reach around 20 percent of the global vehicle market in the long run and that means.

That the company needs to continue growing at this pace for years to come, there will be a constant acceleration in production capacity. Then there is artificial intelligence that basically translates fully autonomous vehicles into automation that drive themselves without the need for human intervention. Autonomous humanoid Tesla bots that can substitute for human labor in dangerously boring and repetitive jobs.

say that the key to automation is solving real-world AI Digital maps are not made for people just navigate the world with our eyes, our minds and our instincts. Some are better than others and for Tesla.

In order to design a car that can be truly autonomous in all real-world driving conditions, it then needs to operate under the same parameters, just swapping eyes for digital cameras, for computers. Swap brains for and replace years of driving experience with post clips labeled Billions.

Think of Tesla’s fsd beta program as driver ed for artificial intelligence and the exact same technology can then be changed and applied to humanoid robots except this time the system architecture is already in place, we just have to change the parameters So instead of sending the Tesla bot to driver’s ed, we can send it to the Window Washer Academy at McDonald’s Hamburger University or elsewhere.

I don’t think it’s real but give you the idea that I really don’t know how Tesla is going to accomplish these human tasks like labeling and machine learning like window washers have to wear a camera on their head at work and Would have to take them with a FSD computer to read and transmit the data all day, but I’m sure.

that someone smarter than me is already looking into this so we know this is AI related stuff that Tesla can more or less already do they just need to perfect the art so I guess Part 3 of the Master Plan is going to expand on the real effects of this technology once it is rolled out.

For example, a self-driving car can be a fun toy for the rich that is now and will be for the foreseeable future. This is basically what Elon set out in his second master plan point three. Has developed a self-driving capability that is ten times safer than manual through massive learning 0.4 Your car is capable of making money for you when you are not using it.

So does the evolution of that idea look like what’s the next step, I still think in the long term we get to the point where Tesla stops selling cars, they’ll still be producing millions of cars. or at least something that we can vaguely identify a car is some kind of f uturistic automated people mover thing so the car becomes such a service.

Which you use as opposed to the product you buy because when a car is really completely self-driving and accessible to all, does it really matter now as car drivers, we are a We develop a strange attachment to our vehicles as they become a part of our identity.

We all want a good car so that people can see us driving around in it and it fuels this crazy consumerism where we are constantly bombarded with this car ad from all angles it is always telling us that we are waiting for new features. Need a new car along with the car you have disassembled.

He should throw you in the trash and you need to buy a new one now, it’s worn out and it’s definitely not sustainable from a resource and environmental perspective, obviously we don’t really throw cars in the trash We recycle them but even a best-case scenario a quarter of vehicles still end up in a landfill.

So if we are really going to save the world we need to separate vehicles and consumerism and we do that a robo taxi with automation will meet all your transportation needs without the hassle and cost that Comes with owning a vehicle and since Tesla itself.

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