The Real Reason Tesla Is Moving To Indonesia!

Let’s talk about why so many rumours? Expanding to Indonesia Might be Tesla’s smartest move yet Bold statement I know but there’s a lot of good information to back up the idea that Indonesia just might.

Best place in the world for Tesla to fully implement their workspace The integration philosophy for manufacturing is literally starting from the bottom up turning rocks into metals and metals in batteries and batteries being put into electric cars all in one .

Extremely reliable but still unconfirmed rumors indicate that Tesla will deal with the Indonesian government to source crude nickel to build a battery production plant and a vehicle factory and Tesla is also not the only company working on deals.

Southeast Asian nations are rolling out red carpets now and Indonesians to welcome them. We may be looking at the epicenter of a new green energy boom. It’s exciting enough so we’re going to dive into some of the ways.

Tesla could take advantage of this new opportunity to make the most of its ambitious construction project yet this idea of ​​vertical integration is nothing new but has become a bit of a buzzword concept lately basically it simply means.

A company is taking control of its supply chain If you’re going to make and sell a complex product like an electric car then it’s going to be going to be a lot of small components like seats and windows and batteries and stuff where those components come from.

A non-vertically integrated company would just get all these components from a supplier maybe some huge manufacturing plant in China that pumps all kinds of generic stuff and then sells it to dozens or hundreds of different brands.

The strategy it’s an easy way to get cheap backfired as well as ev maker Rivian recently got pulled into a lawsuit with their seat supplier who actually has one. The American company is manufacturing Rivian for the new Amazon delivery van at the cost of seats.

The Supplier Tried To Double The Demand Price Of The Seats Rivian Sued Them And Now Amazon May Not Find Their Van Anytime Soon Now What If Rivian Had Chosen Instead Of Just Make Sure They Rent Some More People will invest more in some additional factory equipment and to source some clothing and accessories it will work more in the short term.

But if they had done all that they would still be making vans now instead of going to court on the other hand Tesla makes their seats they make their own glass their own sound system, their own battery and motor they write their own too.

Software and Custom Design Its Own Microchips It’s Vertical Integration and It Works Tesla has been the only automaker to drastically increase its production numbers over the past two years while all their competition has seen parts deliveries fall.

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