The Tesla Model Y has seen a significant increase in price in China

The most affordable version of the Tesla Model 3 and the Model Y with rear wheel drive has seen a significant increase in price in China.

On full charge and a top speed of 217 kmph, it can accelerate from zero to 100 kmph in just 6.9 seconds.

The Model 3 on the other hand offers a top speed of 225 kmph with a maximum power reserve of 556 kmph.

On a full charge, it accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in just 6.1 seconds, the official reason for the price hike is currently unknown.

This may be related to the ongoing shortage of chips, which has affected various industries around the world, including automotive, as we have already done.

Chip shortages and supply problems led to the fact that in 2021 there were 9.6 million fewer cars produced than the planned Tesla Model 3 based on AMD processors.

ER Reserve, an infotainment system based on AMD Ryzen processors compared to Intel’s, initially appeared on older Tesla Model and Model X electric vehicles, but is now also used by smaller cars in the line Model 3 and Model Y.

Some buyers note that the company has notified them of a reduction in the power reserve of electric vehicles due to this change, previously the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y on-board systems were satisfied with Intel Atom processors, which were less than those of the AMD Ryzen.

Although at the same time they were inferior in speed of modernization of onboard electronics, as resource notes of internal DV, Tesla’s in some areas of sales of electric vehicles to inform buyers of changes in consumer properties of the supplied products.

For example this happened in Australia. The upgraded Tesla Model 3 electric car with an AMD Ryzen processor on board is, as explained, capable of traveling 602 kilometers on a conditional wltp cycle.

22 km less T In general with older multimedia complexes depending on the capacity of the traction battery and the size of the wheels, as the source notes, the range of the Tesla Model 3 can be curiously reduced by an amount of 11 to 22 km.

The Tesla Model Y survived this upgrade without damage, on the contrary, the power reserve of this crossover increased by an amount from 26 to 34 km, due to the presence of a higher capacity battery or other optimization according to the conditional wltp cycle could.

Energy consumption in this case. The presence of a more voracious amd ryzen processor did not affect the power reserve only to the extent that is seen in the Tesla Model 3, the heat pumps of Tesla electric vehicles, of which Elon Musk is very proud.

The failure to introduce heat pumps into the climate system design of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles made it possible to increase the efficiency of using T.

The Canadian regulator can ration battery charge during cold weather without compromising on the comfort of people in the cabin.

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