The Tesla Model Y is the perfect car for a large family

Be it buying a Tesla Model Y or Model 3, today consumers are choosing the crossover because it has a convenient body.

The Model Y option seems more appealing. Compared with the Model 3 it is something in between a full-size crossover and a regular sedan and its plus is that it is compact enough to easily navigate through narrow city streets and meanwhile it is not so small Is.

Perfect for a large family Model Y is the perfect car for practical people who want to be on trend and like to go out in nature sometimes, today we will compare these models, let’s start with the characteristics But before comparing model y and model 3.

One more thing should be understood. sells three modifications of its cars. The regular long-range version is a version that benefits from increased power and better acceleration from a single charge ormance version. It can be distinguished from longer-range by improved acceleration.

The standard model uses twice as much engine power and a shorter distance that the car is able to travel on a single battery charge; the performance versions can easily overtake Ferrari and Lamborghini. A few words need to be said about the engines.

that the traditional versions use one engine and one drive while the long range and performance versions use two engines with all-wheel drive and therefore the Tesla Model 3 has been produced since 2017 and is still in the first basic version. is acceleration.

105.3 secs Max speed 225 kmph Power reserve 402 kms and Long range variant Acceleration to 100 in 4.4 secs Max speed 233 kmph Power reserve 518 kms and Latest performance variant Acceleration 3.2 secs Max speed 233 kmph Power reserve 518 Kilometers now Tesla Model Y which is in production from 2020.

The basic version will still be available in spring 2021 Long range version Acceleration to 100 in 4.8 seconds2 17 kmph power reserve 508 kms Performance version acceleration to 100 in 3.5 seconds Max speed 233 kmph Power reserve 507 kms First model y is a crossover.

So its main difference is in the size of the Model Y to be exact, slightly less than the size of the Model X, although it’s worth noting that the Model X costs about a million dollars.

While the longer range version of the Model Y can be purchased. The version with increased power performance at only fifty three thousand dollars will cost sixty one 000 which is not even the bad dimensions of the Model Y. The Model Y is a compact crossover in terms of dimensions. It is huge.

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