True: Guy Fieri Banned Entry Of The View Members In His Restaurants

The beginning of a new drama is in front of us and it is served with ‘donkey chutney’. Flavortown Mayor Guy Fieri has sparked a new round of controversy by banning members of popular daytime talk show ‘The View’ from his high-calorie haven. Yes, you read that right. Like Fieri’s love for his ‘Fireball Whiskey Wings,’ he has officially declared the hosts of ‘The View’ persona non grata at his restaurant.

The saga was not dissimilar to the beginning of Fieri’s ‘Vegas Fries’, which started off fairly innocuous. But like the hidden heat of those infamous fries, things quickly turned spicy. In a surprise move on adding vegetarian dishes to his meat-filled menu, Fieri announced that the hosts of “The View,” known for their thoughtful panels and fiery debates, are no longer welcome in his greasy zone.

“I can’t stand their noise and division,” Fieri declared in a statement that made news even faster than his post-Motley Q Ribs outburst. The irony, of course, is that their ‘Mac n Cheese Burger’ has more crunch than cheese.

After all, Fieri’s restaurants aren’t exactly Zen meditation sites. They are noisy, bustling places where chili dogs served garnished with fried onion straws and milkshakes could be classified as a controlled substance. Yet, apparently, the hosts of ‘The View’ crossed a line.

The announcement was met with disbelief and laughter on social media. Fieri, Sultan of Sizzle, Don of Ace Sauce, banning people for speaking out loud? This is the man who once offered up a dish to ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ and shouted, “This chicken is so good, it’ll make your tongue slap your brain!” And now he’s calling for peace?

And let’s talk about the partition claim. Surely, the guy who made his culinary career by piling bacon, cheese and onions on hamburgers couldn’t just throw that stone away from inside his glass dinnerware, right? After all, few things in life are so divisive as choosing between their ‘Sashimi Won-Tacos’ and their ‘Bacon-Jalapeño Duck Ape-Tapas’.

Within the confines of “The View,” reactions were as varied as the toppings on Fieri’s “Fully Loaded Baked Potato Soup.” Co-host Joy Behar, who is known for her sharp tongue, quickly responded, “Maybe if he spent as much time on his dishes as he does on his hair, his meal would be less divisive.” Whoopi Goldberg, apparently still not recovered from her previous fiery confrontation, simply quipped, “I’m banned from better places.”

Meanwhile, Meghan McCain, herself surrounded by controversy, responded with her characteristic wit, “Guess I’ll have to get my 3,000-calorie lunch somewhere else.”

While Fieri’s ban caused a wave of shock and amusement among the public, some speculated whether it was simply a publicity stunt. After all, in the world of celebrity chefs, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, especially when you’re promoting a new dish called “Loudmouth Lobster Nachos” with an extra serving of “Divisive Donkey Sauce.”

Meanwhile, Fieri appears unfazed by the commotion. Back in his kitchen, he’s presumably inventing a dish that combines 15 types of cheese with ghost peppers and caramel sauce, served in a deep-fried bread bowl. Because that’s what he does – he pushes boundaries, breaks the rules, and makes a lot of noise while doing it.

As for the hosts of “The View,” their banishment from Fieri’s establishments probably won’t leave them hungry. Although they may be enjoying their ‘Five Pepper Chicken Wings’ or the monstrous ‘Big Bite Burger’, they have more important topics to discuss, such as the latest political drama or the results of the recent Grammy Awards.

In the end, while this may be a slight inconvenience to the hosts of ‘The View,’ it’s just another day in the life of Guy Fieri. Whether he’s mixing cultures in his ‘Guy-talian nachos’ or stirring up a feud with daytime TV hosts, he’ll keep doing what he does best: making noise, dividing opinion and another tinge of cheesy Add layer Flavortown is, after all, his world. We’re just living (and eating) in it.

And if there’s one thing to be learned from this spicy ordeal, it’s this: When in Flavortown, you better play by the mayor’s rules. Stop dreaming of ‘Trash Can Nachos’ and ‘Vegas Fries’ because if you don’t, you might find yourself expelled from the state. Just ask the ladies of ‘The View’.


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