Watch Elon Musk deliver the Tesla Model S Plaid

The T has a range of around 400 miles and a range of 412 miles in the dual motor configuration and we’ve also improved the supercharging speed so you can get 187 miles in 15 minutes.

In terms of additional figures even the fastest production car completes a quarter mile in 9.23 seconds, that’s a top speed of 200 mph uh one thousand plus one thousand horsepower for almost 400 miles.

It’ll probably be when you drink coffee basically uh we have a new battery pack and then something we’re really proud of is the new carbon sleeve rotors for the motor and it’s single spoke zero.

You can lift this motor with your hands and it can accelerate a two ton car to 60 mph in two seconds it goes up to 20,000 rpm and maybe now we can get any car we have the latest And the greatest design also has the lowest drag coefficient.

The heat pump which is basically the HVAC system for the car, has better cold weather range and requires 50% less energy for cabin heating and freezing conditions.

The radiator is twice as big for heat rejection, so you really won’t be able to go back-to-back 0-60s on the track as just full ass and do yaws over and over and it’s not winding.

It has also been crafted for maximum safety, so we feel like we can get the lowest chance of injury to any car and then the design that we have made clearly on the exterior.

There’s a lot of improvement in that and then we completely redo the interior as you can see, we’ve changed the orientation of the main screen so it’s easier to watch movies and it’s kind of a thing, we noted in other notes. I have ventilated front seats in the landscape.

We have this yolk steering wheel which is a little different but I think once you try it you will feel that it is very good visibility.

Super clear of the main screen especially uh autopilot so you can see the full panoramic view as you know i think usually all input is error.

If you have to do something that the car can already do then what should be taken into account is that the software should do just that so that you can actually actually drive the car. Looks like you’re coming.

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