What do you think the secrecy of the Tesla Model Y is lost compared to the first Huawei car range of 80 meters.

What do you think about the privacy of Tesla Tesla Model Y lost in comparison with the first Huawei car range of 80m 5 1 . is more than 200 kms while the range of Tesla model is 545 kms. Last week’s 80m 5 . Presentation of hybrid crossover called.

Huawei’s first smart car happened it immediately became available pre-order in China and this week it was Huawei Concept Display in store 0 80m 5 competes with the price of Tesla Model Y So there were two cars by paper specifications so far Compare the rear-Teslawheel drive version 39 000 . The starting price of the Tesla model is y 43.3 000 . Is.

Recall the first Huawei car lost compared to the Tesla Model y that 80m5 . The acceleration of zero to 100 km slashes h minus 50. It takes 4.4 seconds to slash h in 1.9 seconds and average fuel consumption of 0.8 . At the same time the Tesla Model y accelerates to 100 liters per 100 kilometers traveled in 6.9 seconds. It happens.

Battery capacity 40 kph 80m 5 . while the model y is 60 kilowatt hours. Received battery with a capacity of kilowatt-hours but here the difference is 80m5. This is compensated by the presence of gasoline engine recalls. It is a hybrid and here comes the main advantage.

80m5 range 1200 . It is more than Kilometers while Tesla Model Y is it’s 545 Kilometers. The first Huawei car lost in comparison to the Tesla Model Y, these cars are almost equal in terms of dimensions and wheelbase.

Price for Huawei Hong Meng Motors 250 000 Yuan and Tesla Model y cost 276 000 h You will choose a Tesla has suffered a massive breakdown Model y . The suspension lever on the Electric Cross is starting a recall campaign in Tesla.

China needs to replace the faulty front suspension lever is on, writes the Chinese version of the Tesla Model Y compact electric crossover Weibo. belongs to

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