What Elon Musk JUST With Putin SHOCKED The Entire World!

What Elon Musk JUST With Putin SHOCKED The Entire World!, The fight between Elon Musk and Russia will never end and it seems like Elon Musk will always hit back. This time the clever mind announced that it would open a SpaceX factory in Russia. Elon Musk calls on Russia to expand SpaceX.

What did Elon Musk do with the Russian government that changed everything Russia’s space mission is known to all Russia is the first country to complete the space mission despite differences Elon Musk is ready to take a new initiative there, Elon Musk is expanding his horizons There’s no denying that Russia has some of the brightest minds in the world, and Elon Musk needs access to all of them.

Will this project be viable in the years to come or not, but in spite of all this there is still a question that baffles everyone that why Russia should be chosen over any other nation. Elon Musk introduced a video showing that SpaceX has established several production sites in the US and China, the company is now looking to build factories in several markets in regions around the world, Musk Received a special invitation from the Russian Ministry of Industry, he tweeted.

Dear Elon Musk We came to know that you are looking to expand your internal award in Russia by the way we have many support measures for local om we will further discuss this when you come to visit us whether Elon Musk’s No matter how intense and intense the fight between. He is Russian, he will always be an entrepreneur and a simple mind who would never want to miss a great opportunity. Russia has a rich space heritage, it has little investment in EVs, which means Tesla has a huge opportunity in Russia.

SpaceX expands to Russia Russia’s automobile industry is still largely weak as the country still doesn’t have much charging infrastructure which could prevent consumers from getting their hands on EVs, although the infrastructure does support some cars, every Cars Tesla’s Speed Can’t Match Russia Even a developed country with high demand for EVs could see Musk electric cars making their way to Russia Musk also has experience working with Russia In 2002, the space technology Elon Musk was 30 at the time and had just launched SpaceX.

Although he had both the time and money at the time, he was not equipped with advanced technology such as rockets, which the United States also had at the time. Very expensive and very few aero players, this is why Elon Musk turned to Russia, which was the space leader at that time, but was forced out of it after the collapse of the Soviet Union. At that time Russia’s space program was also in budget deficit.

Mission Elon Musk turned out to be a savior for the country, he was a multi-millionaire at that time with a net worth of over $200 million, so he went to Russia to meet space officials but later after visiting Russia thrice in a row America’s Elon Musk was so obsessed that whenever there was a meeting, he would increase the cost of rockets because he had to take bribes. Elon Musk was also attacked by a rocket designer when they were discussing rockets.

He argued that the weapons were more like weapons of war. They were not something that wealthy Western capitalists would buy for a garage. Elon Musk soon realized that the deal here was not going to be easy and he soon left Russia and started his own business. Looks like he tried to build a rocket, but don’t forget that nothing is impossible for Elon Musk Russia invites Musk today Elon Musk reaches new heights after 20 years Well Elon Musk completely turned the tables And the Russian officials are begging me.

The head of Rose Cosmos soon contacted Elon Musk on Twitter to invest in the first aerospace industry, he shared with Elon Musk that a new mission would soon take him to the International Space Station, for which he would appear on major channels. were campaigning. used one. Planned to send the cinematography group as one. This was followed by another tweet detailing the continued risk and tremendous emotional impact on all space flight organizers, a tweet well received by Elon Musk, who soon wrote that he would be happy to meet.

Officials took no time in sending Rogozin an invitation to Elon Musk, the same day TASS reported that Rogozin extended a formal invitation to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson for a meeting with NASA Secretary McGinnis. Said she’s looking forward to meeting everyone once the coveted ban is lifted, but people still aren’t sure whether she’s going to appear for the interview to go deeper with Rogozin or wheezing wants to talk more meaningfully. But so far Elon Musk and Rogozin aren’t really seeing each other.

So it was already weird that the two were invited together. Another shocking thing about the meetup is that Rogozin expressed his dissatisfaction with Musk and SpaceX in The Times. He published an excerpt in June 2021. Where he offered his opinion on Elon Musk in SpaceX. He said they were trying to discredit competitors in Russia’s space program through sarcastic comments. He said that they are adopting cheap tactics to defame him.

Rivals but now Rogozin has completely changed his position regarding SpaceX and other companies, now he calls it a great achievement for the aerospace industry and a transformation for the company, his statements also include reference to Russian billionaires.

According to him, if rich Russians were given a choice, they would build a yacht instead of a spaceship, because of this statement, he got a positive emoji reaction from Elon Musk, but Elon Musk did not hide his thoughts, he often mocked him in the past years. Blown up and ridiculed Russian space efforts in America. He also made several jokes about Rose’s universe. Strangely, Russia’s space industry has also turned its back on NASA, trying to distance itself from the leading nations in the international space race.

People are still mystified about Ragosan’s invitation to Elon Musk and NASA. They want to know the real reason why he is treating them so well, so they want to know the motives of the Russian government, after all they want to know about Musk and NASA. Can’t invite just on friendly terms, they definitely have some logic behind it. Elon Musk changed everything The Russian space industry kept inviting Musk for his personal gains as he tried to convince Elon Musk that he could not send humans into space as it was an achievement of the Russians 60 years ago.

But we still need to find out whether Musk will accept the offer. Tesla is dating Elon Musk these days. Very busy with the two biggest companies. Now he also has the power to see the invitation. It also shows how the agency is out of power. It is the same organization that once led the space race 20 years ago, in fact, Russia was the first country to send tourists into space, but they suffered economic losses when the USSR collapsed. saw. Troubles, even Russian executives agreed they dream of scaling to the companies most acquired by Elon Musk, then praised for being one of the most successful.

Organized Minds in the Space Industry The collapse of the Soviet Union forced the closure of most Russian projects and they were left with no choice but to invite them to the mosque. He also said that Elon Musk should travel to Russia and become a VIP member of the family to discuss all possibilities of exploring the universe, extraterrestrial life and how to preserve life on Earth. can talk. It was indicated that Russia is less interested in cooperating with other countries because of the harsh sanctions imposed on Russian corporations. He also announced that Rose would be leaving the Cosmos Isis program.

As a result they will lift the sanctions immediately unless they act together otherwise they will not cooperate. He also said that every day if the U.S. If this trend continues, Cosmos will launch its own space station, but now it seems that the dice have completely turned. The best can beat a country that was once proud of its space industry, is now begging Elon Musk to invest in it.


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