What Elon Musk said while reacting?, About Apple iCar

Do you see apple making a car and that could be a threat to you, I would encourage more participation by anyone who builds an electric vehicle, it’s hard enough to do, but I think companies like apple might Will make a charmer.

Electric car seems like the obvious thing are you betting it’s going to happen did you hear something well done it’s very hard to hide something if you hire over a thousand engineers to do it Let’s assume that Apple is serious.

yes i do this is an open secret and will it be a threat to you or will it just expand the industry i mean will it expand the industry certainly tesla will still aspire to make the most compelling electric vehicle and this is our will be the target.

While at the same time trying to help other companies make electric cars as well for example last year we opened all our patents so anyone can use any of our patents for free what is google doing how do you assess Let’s do what they’re doing when you’re watching it because they’ll be competitive at some point.

Umm all these are final contestants, you know well I guess Google I mean girl did a great job of showing off the potential of autonomous transportation right but they’re ‘no, they’re a car There aren’t companies, so I wouldn’t say you know a competitor to Google because they’re not a car company.

We’ll probably be competing with someone they’ve licensed the technology to, but not directly to them. Yeah it’s going to be more direct that’s going to be more direct yes you can tell by the hiring pattern yeah that kind of stuff so what do you fix so they’re going to be more direct how do you measure it.

I mean I say as you know I think it’s great they are doing this and um you know I hope they work hope it works that deadline for them what do you think um i don’t know i mean i think they should have started.

this project soon really um that uh but i don’t know i don’t know when i n you know they don’t share the details of their production plans with me but um i don’t think it’s gonna happen, I don’t think they will be in volume production any sooner than 2020.

It will be like this as soon as possible and that is too late, let’s say they should have started sooner, because 2020 will be too late to stop you or beat you or compete with you Or whatever it is like a missed opportunity.

It’s just that they’ll do it until 2020 it’s like it’s a few years I think they’ll probably make a good car and maybe you English (auto-generated) will succeed.

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