Where Tesla Will Build The Next Gigafactory!

Let’s talk, these advanced manufacturing plants at Gigafactories will form the backbone of Tesla’s infrastructure for years to come as they work to scale production to the level that Elon Musk has called the peak size so far, we’ve seen that Two brand new Gigafactories come online and start up.

Customer deliveries and we’ll be eagerly looking at increased production capacity in Berlin and Austin over the coming months, but we know Elon and Tesla aren’t going to relax with the status quo, they probably aren’t going to take much either. There may be a break elsewhere before factory construction begins.

More than one Tesla building two factories at the same time, could they make it three We think we know and there are more things we know we don’t know but we’ll talk about it anyway.

Where Tesla will build its next Gigafactory We begin our journey around the world with a speculative stop in Indonesia Elon Musk recently hosted a delegation of Indonesian executives at Gigatex and what we’ve done is the meeting Seen and heard about, they all met floating.

Now Indonesia is clearly not prime real estate for a car factory, but there is a lot going on between Elon and this South-East Asian government, they have a bit of history and there is some stuff here that might surprise you. That’s one thing that took me by surprise, at least on April 26.

Indonesia’s Minister of Economic Affairs met with Elon to discuss Tesla’s potential for nickel mining and battery manufacturing in the country, a gathering of businessmen and various state officials who appeared to be the company’s directors. Pandu Zaheer said that it was more than happy to meet Elon and laugh out loud at his bad jokes.

Jakarta Globe is very excited to discuss Elon Indonesia and the progress of Indonesia’s nickel and electric vehicle industries, hope this meeting can bring more high technology investment to Indonesia and Indonesia Nickel Talking about Indonesia’s global electric vehicle industry Can become an important part of the supply chain.

Sitting on the largest known nickel reserve in the world and their mining industry is also the largest producer of nickel in the world, the United States Geological Service has estimated Indonesia’s nickel reserves to be 21 million metric tons, compared to a global reserve of 89 million tons. and they are capable of producing up to 8002000 tonnes annually.

So there’s a good reason these people have special attention to Elon because we know how much man loves nickel. Elon has made a public appeal to the resource companies of the world to please produce more nickel. The company’s new 4680 battery cell is a key component in the chemistry of which a . produces.

Tesla will need an equally massive amount of nickel for large volumes of vehicles, but we also know that Elon is proactive, not moving around and waiting for resources to arrive, he Going out and securing them on Tesla’s ongoing project of its own.

New Caledonia is a great example of this and this quote from the President of the Indonesia Chamber of Trade and Industry makes it clear that the nation is in line with Elon’s vision for sustainability. Our goal is to encourage Tesla to explore cooperation with Indonesia. Have to persuade

Nickel Supply and Processing to make Battery Cells based on Good and Sustainable Environment Societal and Governance Obviously some nuances have been lost in translation but we get the main points. This is not the first time that Elon and Indonesian through this conversation are the same.

There were reports about a possible nickel deal between the two about a year ago, but whatever the reason, it was certainly b before Russia decided to go ahead and destabilize the global.

Economy So it is not surprising to see Elon back at the negotiating table and we know Indonesians are making serious efforts to bring Elon Musk to court, not only are they willing to pretend their jokes, but The President of Indonesia has personally offered to give to Elon. It was reported by the BBC and later by the New York Times to use the island as a SpaceX launch site.

So it seems very legitimate, although it’s not something I’ve heard before Indonesia is eager to convert the island of Baya into a spaceport, apparently the government itself in the 80’s to build a launch facility there. But now it’s never finished, they want Elon Musk to step up and fulfill that vision.

It is basically a prime location on the equator, but to the east is nothing but the open sea. It is also worth noting that this is not some uninhabited island, there are 100000 people living on hereditary land and they are not concerned about seeing the island being used as a launch pad and being fair I blame them does not give

What do you think will tesla or spacex ever set up shop in indonesia soon wanted to give a quick shout out to our amazing discord community here is our question of the week and this was our favorite answer and here is the meme of the week winner Join our discord community to participate next week, through the link in the description below we can now ride the satta train to India.

While there have long been rumors about Tesla setting up a new vehicle manufacturing plant, it was first established by news that the company had incorporated a new entity called Tesla Motors India and launched in the country in March last year. was recruiting to the top four positions India’s transport minister said in an interview quote that the government would ensure production costs for Tesla would be among the lowest in the world.

Even China when they start manufacturing their cars in India we can assure that in what seems like a pretty sweet deal right now Indians are implementing some hardball strategies which ensure that The cost of not manufacturing Tesla in our country would be as painful as possible, basically India wants to grow its economy.

Wants to build a more sustainable industry which is totally justified and their go-to strategy to encourage companies to make stuff in India is to tax any product not made in India just in case of Tesla vehicles that Tax 110 is very cruel and obviously all prohibitive for actually selling cars.

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