Who is the real Elon Musk?

Elon Musk

Our next story is about Twitter’s newest board member, Elon Musk and I’m sure you know it has already acquired a 9.2 stake in Twitter, making him the largest stakeholder in the company.His share is bigger than that of Jack Dorsey and if that wasn’t enough Elon Musk has now set his eyes on Facebook too. In a recent tweet he said that the company quote gives him a strong sense of nervous comfort discomfort.

This has led to speculation that he may buy a stake in Facebook. Also, what this man is, no one really knows what we know what we know but that he has disrupted every field.In which he has entered whether it is the payment system Automobile Space Research Neurotechnology Elon Musk has accomplished everything he has done Our next report tries to understand his mind and ambition.

Entrepreneur Investor Business Magnet Sometimes a Twitter troll but mostly a genius innovator meets Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Neuralink¬†founding chief engineer at SpaceX and it’s hard to say the same about the world’s richest man.

How Much Has This Man Achieved in Just 50 Years of Life He started his career by founding a software company called Zip2 in 1995, four years later he sold it to Compaq for 300 million.

Dollars A year later he co-founded the payments company PayPal and then sold it to eBay for $1.5 billion, a money he took to launch a rocket company in 2002.SpaceX, a company that aimed to make humanity a multi-planetary species, even as rockets were happening, launched Tesla, an electric car company, a brand that gave birth to a new industry.

Just a few years down the line he launched The Boring Company to dig tunnels beneath Los Angeles and solve the city’s grinding problem of commuting somewhere along the way.Hyperloop also envisioned a new form of super-fast inter-city transportation, and five years ago he launched Neuralink, a neurotechnology company that would, to put it simply, merge the human brain with computers.

Her man has taken almost everything and her bets have paid off in every company she launches, she is the real leader of her field because she works so hard.

Or because of the brand he created you see Elon Musk’s personal life is as shiny as his business. Life is tobacco and marijuana that he smokes on talk shows, when he is happy, he tries to ridicule his critics.

He proposed a rating site for journalists to interrogate him with the names of politicians and named his son after a song and an airplane. He likes to show it off in whatever he does.He doesn’t care to project the sacred compared to your image which most of his contemporaries are obsessed with oh man it doesn’t go through he tweets his mind speaks his heart no matter what It does not matter the troubles that may come in his critics.

Dismiss him as a lunatic, not everyone agrees, though for his fans Musk is simply a disruptor, having embarked on a series of missions to make the world more connected.

Cited a mission to end our dependence on fossil fuels, a mission to inhabit other planets in the universe and a mission above everything else to stop caring about what people think of him.People may call him crazy but steve jobs once said people who are crazy to think that they can change the world what Elon Musk actually does only this max can live on earth and mars is now your country Download the app now and get all the news on the move.

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