Why The Gigafactory Is Tesla’s Most Important Invention


Let’s talk about what Tesla Gigafactory actually does Along the path which you are choosing.  It’s clearly working for them at a much higher level than the paths taken by their competition, but what sets Tesla apart is how they continue to accelerate while their peers build their product. crumble under the weight of.

I’m going to propose that the secret is in Tesla’s process and not in their product and we’ll go into some of the reasons why Tesla’s greatest invention is the model’s plaid or 4680 cell or even full self-driving No, but the actual Gigafactory we can only look at the numbers to see.

Tesla’s success story in the first quarter of 2022, the company again set the record for most vehicles delivered, now reaching over 310 000 cars, an increase of 69 from the number of cars.

Vehicles they delivered in 2021 over the same time period and Tesla did so at the same time that every other automaker on the planet is seeing a drop in their productivity in the United States, with new vehicle sales dropping 12 overall , which is driven by a significant drop in productivity.

GM, the country’s largest domestic automaker, saw a 20 percent drop in vehicle deliveries over the past year and that extends to 23 percent Honda down 30 percent at international automakers as well as Nissan. So it’s no secret that Tesla has something special that sets them apart.

Being able to get a product into our customers’ driveways and we know it’s definitely not the product, electric vehicles have proven themselves to be spectacularly difficult to manufacture, just clearly outpacing the competition. See and Rivian exit the gates in 2021 as a truly American startup with amazing products that put even Tesla vehicles to shame in some ways.

But these two companies falter very quickly. When it came to product manufacturing, on 28 February, they had to announce to their shareholders that they would only be offering the Air  dream version to customers since the vehicle officially debuted on 30 October 2021. 300 copies of the album, which is less than every 100 deliveries.

Months this prompted the company to reduce its production projections for 2022 from 20 000 cars to just 12 000 cars, while they were able to achieve higher production numbers by mid-March, with the company saying they had achieved about 1,500 vehicles were manufactured.


In 2022 they are still falling well short of expectations to inform shareholders that their delivery predictions for 2022 have now halved to just 25,000 electric trucks and SUVs, now I hear what you say Well, these are not completely new companies.

Fair comparison and it’s true so let’s draw a few lines against most established establishment dinosaur companies Ford Motors Ford actually makes a fair amount of electric cars in February The company revealed they sold 2 370 Mustang mocks in January of 2022 And in its most successful month in February 2021, the company got 3739 units in customer driveways, so Ford can definitely make use of the higher production rate.

A startup like Rivian with its 100 year head start, but it still doesn’t have a huge number of cars and it’s not near the level of demand for the Mock E that is currently offering potential buyers about 20 to 30 weeks or maybe even more.

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It’s basically the idea that you start every new project from scratch and build from the roots. The basic fundamentals of the project inform every decision that sounds obvious but it’s not often the way people approach those things. The things we rely on knowledge but the things that are now believed to be true.

Even though we don’t know why or we reason by analogy with what someone else is doing and putting our own spin on creating a new idea, one example where Tesla failed is to apply first principles to Fremont.

The company argued by analogy that they needed to build cars, so they bought a car factory, which they would put their own spin on, which worked in the early stages, but in the long run we end up with utter chaos. , which is the present-day Fremont plant with production lines in parking tents and car parts.

Fortunately Elon and his team got smart very quickly, by 2013 the idea of ​​the Gigafactory was born. Tesla argued that if all their cars run on batteries and batteries the hardest part is to source, then they need to build their own batteries. An entire factory should be built for a specific purpose.

Starting from the roots again, the Gigafactory in Nevada began mass production of 2170 cells in January of 2017. The Tesla Model 3 began first deliveries in July 2017.

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