Why The Tesla Cyber Van Will Be The Tesla Robo Taxi


Let’s talk about an upcoming and still unknown Tesla vehicle released Robo Taxi. It’s coming after Cyber ​​Truck and Roadster and will be a new vehicle design of some sort at the Gigatexas Opening Party that Elon Musk said. A dedicated Robo-taxi vehicle is in the works and will be pretty futuristic.

‘Tesla doubled down on the Robo-taxi concept on April 20’s latest earnings call, saying it will likely appear in 2023 and be manufactured in 2024 at the same time”. This allegedly leaked document is believed to be from industry insiders that shows the future production schedule for Tesla vehicles.

According to this document, Tesla plans to go into production with some sort of van-based vehicle in 2024. Now strap on your tinfoil hats here because things are about to get weird, I’m going to propose that Elon Robo taxi and Tesla van are actually the same vehicle.

”So I appreciate it. It’s not really a Sherlock Holmes level deduction power, it’s a pretty obvious connection to make, but I think it’s a really interesting concept to talk about because we’ve always guessed”. Thought that Tesla would make a passenger fan.

We always knew the company would make a fully autonomous taxi vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals, but this is the first time I’m relatively sure the two ideas are actually the same idea and again we don’t necessarily trust this spreadsheet in any way. Also in the form of official document of sorts.

”So the primary source here is actually Elon Musk himself. We are also working on a new vehicle, which I mentioned in the Gigatexas opening”.

Which is a dedicated Robo cab, it is being highly optimized for autonomy which means it will not have a steering wheel EL or pedals Fundamentally optimized to achieve the minimum fully considered cost per mile or kilometer.

I think that would be a pretty powerful product end quote, so it’s all just confirmation of things we’ve been talking about for years, no longer what came as a bit of a surprise when Elon said That the design of this Robo-taxi vehicle will be revealed next year in 2023.

Target for volume production in 2024. After that Elon said quote I think Tesla will actually be a big driver of growth. We don’t want to jump the gun on an exciting product announcement, yet now back to our leaked spreadsheet document where the new Cyber ​​Truck vehicles below. The platform has a vehicle program called Van with the nameplate of Tesla Van.

”Which will be produced at the Austin Gigafactory starting January 2. Expires on 24th and 24th December 2030. Very interesting right”. We were actually having this conversation around the office on Wednesday afternoon before the earnings call and we were saying that if Tesla released a van in 2024 it would be an autonomous Robo taxi van.

Then hours later Elon Musk says I’m going to release a Robo-taxi vehicle in 2024. And we’ve worked out some very compelling reasons why a Tesla van and a Tesla Robo-taxi will be essentially the same thing which makes it very unlikely that Tesla will release a consumer minivan type of product.

”Does anyone buy minivans now i think Chrysler is the only brand that really puts any effort into minivans in this day and age maybe Honda odyssey it really seems like a wasted market to put resources into 2022 The segment will probably be even less meaningful by 2024”.

On top of that Tesla isn’t just a soccer mom brand, secondly it doesn’t feel right if Tesla’s real mission is sustainability and efficiency. Then building a brand new autonomous people proponent on the same old four-door five-seat vehicle platform. It doesn’t really make much sense to do.

Like really doubt it’s going to be just a Model 3 with the steering wheel ripped out which isn’t the first theory thinking it’s the design philosophy that Elon Musk is famous for applying to you, every single thing from the ground up. Approach the new project and build each part specifically for the goal you’re trying to achieve.

It is integral to the design of Tesla’s current vehicles. Tesla the Roadster wasn’t the first major design, it was just a Lotus Ellis with a bunch of laptop batteries and stuff loaded with electric stuff, the model on the other hand was the first principle.

The design purpose built from the ground up to be a fully electric vehicle so if we were to design a new vehicle from the ground up to move as many people as possible as efficiently as possible we would probably want to make it as cyber as possible .

The truck platform is the largest that Tesla has right now and it is believed that the platform the van will be built on makes sense for what the vehicle will actually look like or how it will work, it is still very much up in the air but if you look at Will allow me to theory for a minute.

so i also have a thought want to give a quick shout out to our amazing discord community here is our question of the week and this was our favorite answer and here is the meme of the winner of the week next week via the link in the description below Join our discord community to participate.

”If we want maximum efficiency and minimum cost, we need to maximize passenger density, but we also want to maximize comfort, plus we don’t want it to be just a smaller version of taking a city bus.”

So I wonder if this big van sized item could really have six separate doors three per side and they would be falcon wing style doors from model x that open vertically so it would be going in and out a lot Easy and the door will automatically open for you when the taxi arrives and then inside each door will be a separate compartment with two seats as well as a large screen in front of you and a window on the opposite side.

The bus by the window would be a driving obstacle and the dividers might be retracted for large groups but the person or couple would ride the taxi without seeing their fellow passengers. It would be like a weird hybrid of a taxi and a bus.

crappy I know, but in the long run it’s not exactly practical to have these Robo taxis carrying one or two people at a time from point A to point B which doesn’t do much to solve congestion, We will still have a small number of people.

Occupying a large vehicle footprint on the road maximizing the amount of people with the smallest footprint working in applications like school buses and airport shuttles would be more sustainable and I guess if there was a very powerful artificial intelligence Which was in charge of routing these taxi vans then you can go anywhere very effectively.

Hardly even noticed other people being picked up and left on the way or something like that i don’t know if we were just having some fun and speculation so let us know if you agree with one thing that We know for sure what Tesla has to do first for any of this Robo taxi stuff to actually work in any form.

”That is to solve complete self driving, we will need completely fully autonomous vehicle software that never fails or at least never fails so badly that it crashes or gets stuck.”

Which is a pretty tall order which is the hard part, the whole point is to cut down the development of the FSD beta very closely and the program has undoubtedly become huge.

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